Pet Policy

Eagle's Landing is all about the family experience. And as far as we're concerned, pets are part of the family. So long as they follow the rules, your furry family members are always welcome.  

  • Good behavior is paramount. We reserve the right to eject hostile or aggressive animals (incidentally this applies to owners, too).

  • Silence is golden. The occasional bark or meow is cool but please seek alternate lodging for particularly, ahem...vocal pets.

  • Leashes, like fences, make for good neighbors. Keep all dogs on leashes no longer than six feet when outside vehicles or campers.

  • Be a Pick-Up Artist. This should go without saying but we'll say it anyway: if anything falls out of your furry friend, please pick it up.

  • Do not leave tethered pets (or kids for that matter) unattended. Neglect makes everyone sad.

  • As always, we welcome service animals at Eagle’s Landing Resort. But they must follow pet policies. Which they usually do because, let's face it...they're awesome.

  • The more the merrier…to a point. We're cool with a few good boys and a few good girls, but we reserve the right to charge extra for a passel of pooches. Or a coven of kittehs, for that matter.